Another Backer for RGB Re-Post

Hello and welcome to the RGB blog…Today we mention another backer for the project..YAY!…Roughly 9 hours ago someone backed the project. His contribution is greatly appreciated as it boosted the chances of funding by double the amount it’s been at for a good time…Thanks to you.

RGB Kick Start Re-Post is Live

Cool Beans! The kick start is back up for another 30 days. For all those interested in helping this out, please pledge so we can get it done and so we can enjoy the artwork of the artist working on it for us.

Another backer alert!

Many thanks to John for supporting us. We’re getting down to the wire, but I’m not sure how these things work and if we’ll make a better showing at the end.

A shout on on/to The Retro League

The Retro League gave our little kickstarter a shout out this week. For those that don’t know The Retro League is a long running podcast about retro gaming (Think everything that happened before the PS2). Many thanks to them as I’ve been a huge fan of their podcast for ages.

Woo Hoo! Another backer tonight!

Many thank Gegikanwing for the support!

1) How much of an emphasis on simulation gameplay will there be?

Sadly not nearly enough. It is more a visual novel with multiple options for different dates. The game is completed, and can be played (using Google Chrome) here, albeit without art.
2) Will the game be challenging or simple? Will there be difficulty settings?

The game is very simple and without difficulty settings. There was only one ending (more were planned, and you can see some of what was planned by opening the game.xml file in the source code, available here).
3) What sort of romance options will be possible? Are there multiple main characters? If not, can the main character be paired with both women and men?

There was only going to be one male character. To be honest it never occurred to me to pair the main character with the same sex. This was before trailblazers like Mass Effect and the Witcher were on my radar, and I was following the cliches of the Dating Sim / Visual novel genre pretty closely. I like the idea though, but it didn’t make it into the game.

4) What level of content will you create? What sort of ESRB or PEGI rating might your game receive?

I’d say PEGI 12 or ESRB 10. The game was intended for me to be able to take to Anime Conventions, so I had to make it clean (this is inspite of the artist’s risque drawings on deviant art 😀 ).

5) Can the player customize the game? If so, how much freedom is allowed?

Inside the game the customizing options are limited. It’s when you get into the game.xml that things can get interesting. You’ll find you can edit, add, and remove scenes and dialog without too much trouble there. When I was writing the game I intended there to be a lot more, so I wrote a game engine that let me type up a simple XML to describe the game. Think of it as HTML for dating sims :). The game and code are release under the GPS V2.0, meaning you’re free to redistribute it, modify it, etc.

I don’t think this has been made clear but all art assets are (or will in the case of the art 🙂 )  release under the Creative Commons license. That includes the script and characters.

Thank you to my newest backers!

Cory Greenham, Trevor and Eric have backed the project! Sorry for the delayed shout out, more to come!

Some developer backgound in a post on The Retro League

Hi all. I’ve posted some dev background (think of it as after the fact developer’s blog 🙂 ) on the retro game forum I frequent. You can find it here. Caution: Spoiler alert. I talk about the plans I had for the game vs what finally got done.

And yet another(!) backer :D

Big shout out to Odnarb1986. Thank you very much for your support! This is really starting to look real. I can’t wait to see the game finished with it’s art!

Woo Hoo, another backer!

Thanks and shouts out to Hugues Johnson (for his sake I hope that’s a forum name)! We’re moving right along, foot loose and fancy free (I’m old, so sue me).

Link to the game

For those looking for the game, click here.